The Peace Pushers

CYNSUMLUV, is an organization that guides and empowers young artist in how to be comfortable in their creative skin. We develop future entrepreneurs and creatives by providing resources along with safe and supportive outlets where freedom of expression is encouraged.

Our mission is to advocate for creative artist, and create clever avenues for ingenious talent to in the inner city. Music can shift the frequency of the world, so it's important that we push out good vibrations. 


Integrity is a lifestyle at CynSumLuv!

We believe that with your help, we can spread more positivity in the media by uplifting more conscious music and supporting more socially responsible artist. Together, we can Push The Peace!

We are raising funds for the Ultimate Entertainment Experience!

 (8 Acts + 8 Cities)

Artist Performances - Spoken Word - DJ's & Live Bands. Featuring Exclusive talent from each city. 

Your Donation TODAY will get us closer to our goal. 

 Express Yourself 

The Ultimate Entertainment Experience!

 (3 weeks + 8 Cities)

Exclusive collaborations, features, performances and exclusive interviews from local talent in each city. 

Your Donation TODAY will help get us closer to a city near you!