Intellect Allison

Creator. Lover. Experience.

There is a rarely-trotted path across existence feared by the masses treading through the darkness; a path to life and love for all beings on this world… and beyond. In a time where the states of pop culture and mass media fuel people’s fear of themselves and others, Intellect, born and raised in Detroit, MI, has travelled the darkness and known the light in capacities many people only see in movies or hear about in folklore. A student of love, she is on a journey to use the sound of music, Interesting Concepts and whatever other tools she can to blaze a new trail through the center of today’s society that will make you and your people feel the movement. Join her and her tribe as they tirelessly work to capture and transform the energy of a war-torn planet into the greatest revolution of love the Earth has ever known.


Wage Love.

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