Gypsy Headz

Freedom Music. Positive Vibes. Truth

Gypsy Headz is an eclectic duo that consist of two creative individuals; singer songwriter RekaReek and Guitarist/Music Composer Gnarly Cyn. Together, these ladies make Freedom Music that is to be felt by your soul and not judged by your mind!

Together the two have managed to blend funk, R&B and soul to produce their first Ep, “Birds of a Feather”. Gypsy Headz released “Birds of a Feather” in September 2016 via ITunes, Spotify, Google Play and Amazon and many other digital media outlets. Although this is their first release, the two have been performing live throughout the states for about three years now.

After coming together for the first time in 2013, the two made magic immediately creating a following that would carry them to perform at some of the best stages in Atlanta. The World Famous Apache Café, Vinyl at Center Stage, and the Little Five Arts Festival!

“People want to hear music that makes you feel good again. There’s not enough of that out here in the mainstream and that’s why I support them... I can feel their music”, said fan, Brent Wiley.

With a constant demand of fan favorites, Gypsy Headz decided to incorporate Blue Shoes, Addicted, Love Me and Life into this 4 song compilation.

Gypsy Headz looks to expanding to an international market and having their music heard all around the world.

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