District Curt is a R&B singer from Washington D.C. His music is direct, punchy and energetic, with a passion for modern soul and R&B. Currently, District Curt is finishing up the works on his debut single, “Spaceships.” The song has a really poignant lyrical flow and a stunning arrangement with great melodies and beats. His music has a strong emotional feel, yet his songs are catchy and easy to relate to. District Curt is not just an entertainer: he uses music as a way to connect with the audience on a deeper level. As a results, fans really respond to his melodies and lyrics, and he’s been earning the respect of the local musicians, and beyond!


His music reminds you of artists like John Legend, Usher, Masego and many more. If you are a fan of 90s flavored R&B and Neo Soul, you cannot miss out on District Curt’s music! His debut project is just a few months away, stay locked in for new releases and more!

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