The Importance of Black and White in My Art 

My Black Art Legacy By Darien Goodman


I have been Black my entire life, so I understand. I did not become an artist by chance. My art will live forever--not because I think it will, it is technically designed to. Masterpieces on the low low.


Racism does exist. I experience it all the time. I don't hate White people. I don't hate Black people. I understand the system. Everybody is being played like a game of chess. Politics is a tool used like TV and the news. Who cares? 


The Black and White images I create, Bob Marley, Colin Kaepernick, Michael Jackson, Obama, they all have meaning to the term Black and White. The clever system of calling each other black and white in brilliant, genius, like the game pieces of chess. I get it. I use it. I did not created the system, the system created me. Nigga Jesus.

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